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The Rab Brand Story

Rab is one of the most reliable outdoor brands around, with more than 40 years of proud history behind it. Founded by Scottish mountaineering pioneer Rab Carrington, the brand was officially established in 1981 but traces its origins several years further back than that. 

Carrington spent the 1970s travelling the globe, making ascents in places like Yosemite and Patagonia, as well as closer to home in the Cairngorms and the Peak District. It was in this latter place – Sheffield, to be precise – where he set up his first factory for the brand that would bear his name. The very first product he mastered was the sleeping bag, and it wasn’t long before his fledgling brand expanded into jackets and other clothing.

We love Rab here at Urban Industry for several reasons. Authentic heritage; understated, utilitarian designs; modern technology; subtle branding... But perhaps most of all, we love Rab’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact across all areas of the business – making the switch to renewable energy, using as many recycled materials as possible in products and their packaging, eliminating as many aspects of waste… And so on.

We stock a wide variety of Rab clothing and equipment, with particular focus on jackets. 

We’ve got insulation well and truly covered, with timeless silhouettes like the Kinder Smock Jacket and the Original Pile Fleece, as well as more modern options like the Microlight Alpine Jacket (and its little brother, the regular Microlight Jacket). What about rain, you say? That’s where the Downpour Jacket comes in.

We also carry a selection of Rab tees for warmer weather (or no-nonsense base layers), plus hats and gloves to keep those extremities toasty when temperatures are at their lowest.

And of course, we update our stock each season to bring you the latest new items as well as replenish our most popular lines.

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