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The Pendleton Brand Story

A cornerstone of rugged American outfitting, Pendleton’s products are timeless in the more than one sense of the word. They have a classic aesthetic that never goes out of date, and the build-quality ensures that they stand the test of time.

The brand is named after the town it resides in: Pendleton, Oregon. Established in the 1850s as a trading post, the town has a true pioneer heritage that is mirrored by the Pendleton brand – most famously in the Native American-inspired designs seen on the blankets and throws. In fact, before the Bishop brothers established the Pendleton brand, the factory they acquired used to make blankets and other clothing for the Native American population.

As well as specialising in Native American designs, Pendleton also perfectly captures that early-20th-century Americana aesthetic, conjuring images of log cabins and hunting lodges (the Ernest Hemingway sort of look, if you will!). The result is homeware that is simultaneously rugged yet cosy – the perfect vibe for autumn and winter interiors anywhere, or picnics all year round. Their blankets and throws have become extremely sought-after as a result, as have their distinctive mugs and flasks, which is why we stock such a broad selection.

As you can see, we focus on the brand’s homeware products, but we do occasionally get in clothing items such as the iconic Board Shirt and knitwear items like the sweater made famous in The Big Lebowski.

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