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The Luxfort Brand Story

Founded in Laguna Beach, California, Luxfort is a contemporary sportswear brand that blurs the lines between luxury and comfort – hence the name.

A father-and-son operation – or rather, a son-and-father operation – Luxfort was founded by design specialist Tristan Bower. Tristan designs and runs the day-to-day, while his father, Nick Bower, former Head Creative at Stussy, serves as co-designer. It’s a real family operation, with youth, expertise and experience all working together.

Our Luxfort range here at Urban Industry includes jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts, all made from premium fabrics, with a focus on homegrown USA cotton.

In addition to the front-and-centre luxury and comfort, Luxfort  also brings a utilitarian approach to each piece, making them distinctive from their peers. 

For example, the Hiker is ostensibly a classic thick hoodie, but with the four cotton twill pouch pockets at the front – inspired by French aprons – it is a new piece entirely. Similarly, the Gardener is a trusty quarter-zip hoodie, but with heavy woven canvas pouches that transform it to a workwear item.

Take a look at our full Luxfort selection. If you have any questions about sizing, fits or anything else, hit us up on live chat or send us an email. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.