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The Gregory Backpacks Brand Story

Gregory is a heritage outdoor brand hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, established in 1977 by Wayne Gregory – a keen adventurer who decided to try his hand at designing and manufacturing his own backpacks. Turns out he had talent. 

Fast-forward to 2021, and Gregory is a globally respected backpack brand with many employees and headquarters in its home city. 

Until now, the brand has been most successful in the USA, Japan and continental Europe, so we at Urban Industry are excited to be the only UK retailer currently stocking the imported Japanese Collection. We stocked the brand over 10 years ago and we think it’s an ideal brand for the UK market right now, and certainly for our customers, because it’s that winning formula of stunning design, high-quality manufacturing and serious sustainability. Not only are they conscious of the materials they use, but also of the packaging they ship products in, the space they take up in shipping containers and everything else you can think of – they try to minimise their eco footprint as far as possible.

We stock a good mix of Gregory packs, all of which are equally suitable for outdoor adventures and everyday use, thanks to their classic American outdoor look. If the utilitarian look is what you’re after, the Black or Sand colourways will be spot-on. If you like something a bit more striking, the Tropical Forest and Garden Tapestry options will do the trick.

Among our range, you’ll find the All Day V2 (22L) and the Day PC (26L), both of which are substantial in terms of space, and robust enough to last you a lifetime. 

On the smaller, more casual side, we’ve got the Fine Day (16L, so more like a daypack, and ideal for short-ish hikes), the Tailrunner (perfect for stowing away your phone and other essentials when running or hiking) and the Classic Sacoche (a minimalistic satchel that’s perfect for city life).

As ever, feel free to hit us up if you need some assistance before you buy – we can answer all of your Gregory questions! Otherwise, you’ll find all the info you need in the photos and descriptions for each pack.