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The Corridor Brand Story

Established in East Village, New York City in 2013, Corridor is one of the last decade’s best newcomer brands.

Its founder and sole designer, Dan Snyder, named the brand after the Northeast Corridor, because he has lived his whole life along it. The Northeast Corridor is a rail line that starts in Boston and runs 457 miles in a southwestern direction, passing through New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore, before finishing up in Washington, D.C.

More than just a namesake, the region is crucial to the brand’s identity. The rugged fabrics have a clear New England vibe – from the various plaid patterns used on the shirts, to the moleskin, flannel and corduroy textures found on the heavier garments. 

Yet in addition to the obvious lumberjack look, there’s also a clear Ivy League influence, as well as a hint of hip-hop. It all makes sense, because Corridor is a New York brand at the end of the day, with a street sensibility that only a city-based brand can have. Snyder designs each piece based on his own tastes, so it really is one man’s vision. That’s a rare thing these days, and we’re into it.

Aesthetics aside, and importantly for us here at Urban Industry, Corridor keeps an unblinking eye on sustainability and ethical practice. They partner only with suppliers and workshops that meet their ethical and environmental standards. High-quality clothing, made the right way. We are proud to be one of just a few UK stockists.

We carry a wide range of Corridor NYC clothing, from heavyweight jackets and thick overshirts, to plaid shirts, T-shirts, caps and more.

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