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The Cafe Mountain Brand Story

Cafe Mountain is a modern British clothing brand that, as its name suggests, captures two markets simultaneously: the urban and the outdoor.

Focusing on high quality, responsible sourcing of materials and ethical methods of manufacturing, it’s exactly the kind of brand we like to stock here at Urban Industry. 

Many of the products are made entirely in the UK, and the fabrics used are top-quality and always fit for purpose. Think organic cotton T-shirts, heavy-duty canvas bags, waxed cotton ripstop trousers, Scottish lambswool hats, leather lanyards and so on. 

As for colour palettes, a combination of blues and earthy tones is the order of the day due to the outdoor influence, but also because they’re timeless choices.

The brand’s designs take clear inspiration from past cultural movements and classic styles such as heritage outdoor, military and workwear, making Cafe Mountain more than just a contemporary brand. Cafe Mountain pieces are pieces for life. Whether you’re into lattes or long walks – or both – this gear will serve you well for years and decades to come, slotting seamlessly into your wardrobe and staying relevant as trends come and go.

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