Armor-Lux  –  France. Est. 1938

Brand Story

Armor Lux, a super quality French brand best known for their striped mens t-shirts now at Urban Industry. 

The brand takes the humble t-shirt and produces a premium version that is truly a French classic. Quality knits and production since 1938, Armor Lux owns 85 circular knitting machines of various gauges and diameters which enable it to produce in large quantities the main types of plain or striped knitted fabric (Jersey, Côte, Interlock) used to make cotton clothing.

We have a great selection of Armor Lux t-shirts, including the Mariniere Heritage Striped t-shirt with its well known narrow stripe design plus the MC raye Heritage Stripe with its wider coloured bars.

Seasonally we also select a range of Armour Lux custom build jackets, rugby tops and sweatshirts. Have a look through our full range below and drop us a line if you need help with any points.