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WEMOTO Fall 12 collection has landed

May 12, 2017

There are certain brands you can hang your hat on when it comes to streetwear; that will be dependable each season and always retain their edge. The big players of our industry if you will. Then there are your hype brands, who you will get a few good seasons out of before it tails off. Then there is the lesser spotted third variety – the dark horses. These brands appear from relative obscurity with little or no hype and slowly but surely start punching their weight alongside much more established brands. This is where the WEMOTO story begins…

First of all, I must plead complete ignorance of this brand. I had never even heard of them before Dan (Director & Head Buyer at Urban Industry) gave us a heads up on incoming new brands roughly a year ago. First of all I thought Motorola had taken some bizarre foray into streetwear, akin to Coca Cola’s nonsensical dabbling in the fashion game a few seasons back. All I had to go on was a PDF linesheet and the knowledge that they were based out of Germany.

When the 1st drop landed about 6 months ago, I was immediately taken with the clean hand-drawn t-shirt designs and the quality of their outerwear pieces. Add to this the really keen price points on the range and all of a sudden things were looking good for WEMOTO. The Biggie Smalls t-shirt in particular caught my eye and it went on to become a bestselling t-shirt here at Urban Industry, even necessitating 2 full restocks! Fast forward to the Fall ’12 collection and that same clean hand-drawn aesthetic is still present. This time we get more pop culture references from Morrissey and Ian Brown (as part of the Brit Idols pack), to Godzilla and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man that terrorised New York in the mid 80s.

Add to that the core basics range (starting at a mere £19.99), and the killer outerwear selection and it looks like WEMOTO have established their place here at Urban Industry within only 2 seasons of being first stocked. Both the Gant and Panda jackets are good example of the cleanly designed outerwear that the German brand produces. We are also stocking a few select pieces from the recent collaboration with NYC skate brand UXA, that sees Lex The Bear adorning tees and the Gant Jacket.


by SeanM

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