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Wander Out with Cotopaxi in Friston Forest, Sussex

Oct 16, 2020

Few things get us more excited here at U.I. than a delivery of new outdoor gear, especially when it's stuff we haven't had in before, but even more so when it's bold and vibrant.

So you can imagine how we felt when a shedload of Cotopaxi arrived at our Depot. We couldn't wait to get out in some local woodland and put it to the test on a brisk autumn walk. Just 7 miles from the Depot we have the beautiful Friston Forest, nestled within the South Downs National Park between Lulington Heath National Nature Reserve and Seven Sisters Country Park. Its the perfect spot for a short hike.

Cotopaxi Bags at Urban Industry

Cotopaxi Bags at Urban Industry

Cotopaxi Backpacks in Friston Forest

Cotopaxi Backpacks at Urban Industry

Cotopaxi bags in Friston Forest

Cotopaxi at Urban Industry in Friston Forest

Cotopaxi Bags in Friston Forest, Sussex

Cotopaxi Bags at Urban Industry

Cotopaxi Baatan Hip pack at Urban Industry

Cotopaxi Bags Collection at Urban Industry

As the brand's founder Davis Smith told us during our Zoom Q&A the other week, these are the kinds of bags that people will stop you in the street (or on the trail!) and ask you about. ("What's with all the colours?" "Where can I get one from?" "How much will you take for it?" Etc.)

And best of all, there's a wonderful story behind them. They're not just colourful for the sake of it; they're made using small batches of remnant fabrics that would otherwise go to waste. Each individual bag is unique in its combo of colours, because Cotopaxi wanted to give the factory employees the freedom to express themselves through their work.

Definitely check out the Q&A if you'd like to learn more about the brand and what they're all about. It's a company you can get behind, that's for sure.

And of course, check out our full Cotopaxi range right here.

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