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Villainous Visard Q&A

May 12, 2017

1. The new Villainous Visard collection has been a long time in the making. Where have you been man!

Well first of all it is good to be back, VV had to take a step back from it all and re-evaluate where it wanted to go as a brand and the first thing was to create a new bespoke blank t shirt which had a premium feel. After that was done it was time to adapt VV to have more of a subtle feel. From looking at brands out there I felt as if any of them could have been Villainous Visard and that was kind of depressing me. VV went through 3 seasons of designs, but I felt like the designs were not really evolving, so they never went into production, hence nothing was ever released. With the new capsule I was adamant that it had to have an edge and even though the t shirts do have a premium feel, I also wanted them to have a slight 90s DIY look to them, as I do not like perfect things. You will know what I mean if you have one of the new T shirts from the new capsule.

2. What’s the inspiration behind the new collection? Who or what has been influencing you?

The inspiration behind the new collection is everything and nothing. I wanted to create a collection that was far more subtle, wearable and grown up but at the same time wanted to have an edge to it. I have a slight obsession with skulls anyway so what better way than to introduce this into the brand. The inspiration for this collection derives from a number of sources but if I were to name five it would be the Y3- 2012 collection, A$AP Rocky's – Long Live A$AP album, Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense concert, Good Music – Cruel Summer album and the Steve Jobs autobiography by Walter Isaacson, you go figure it.

 3. Is the monochrome approach something of a calling card for you? Can we expect splashes of colour in upcoming VV collections, or are you keen to keep things black and white?

As you may already know the black and white palette has always been a running theme since the brand's inception and it is something that I am not looking to change anytime soon. However I have toyed with the idea of introducing red into the palette, but in the final stages, I always decide against it. I have roughly 30 designs which have colour, but not sure they will ever see the light of day, who knows though, if the right collaboration were to come along they may come out of the vault.

4. What’s your take on the current state of streetwear in the UK? Does it feel more crowded than when you first launched your brand, or do you feel it’s been streamlined a bit from that first initial burst of home-grown indie brands?

I have always had love for the UK scene no matter how small it is and it is something that is always growing, but it really does need the support of people in the UK to thrive especially from the stores. There are a handful of brands out there doing some great things, and it is amazing to see that they are still around and holding it down. It is definitely still crowded and it always has been, but as always there are only really a handful of brands that are really any good.

5. Have you got any advice for new brands starting out?

'No idea's original' as the great Nasir Jones once rapped and he is right in, however it is always about collecting those ideas, letting them breathe, mixing them up and then putting your touch on it. A lot of people think that simply placing a logo onto a hoody, cap and t shirt makes you a brand, which is far from the truth; it takes a lot more than that. Every brand has its own formula, you need to mix up your own one and run with it. Always believe in you brand if you don't no one else will.


By SeanM

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