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Vans x Haro BMX Fall 2013 Collection

May 12, 2017

Usually it is the Black/Black Authentics or LPEs from the Vans range of shoes that are often connected to school, being that they are mainstays of pupils trying to bend the ‘non-trainer’ uniform rule. Instead it has been the Vans x Haro special edition Sk8 Hi and Era shoes that have rolled back the years for me, all thanks to a cartoon drawing I once used to cover an exercise book with.

You may ask why that is? Well, back in the day, if you spoke about BMX, like my school friends and I did,  then you were likely to mention Bob Haro. Haro was there at the very beginning of the sport. He had started off making number plates for riders in his bedroom, becoming a legendary rider, before branching out into making his own frames and launching the infamous Freestylerbike which had been designed with flatland ‘trick’ riding in mind.

On top of all this cool stuff Bob is a darn good artist and monthly magazine BMX Action would often showcase his material and it was one of these drawings that I covered my Biology book with.  The shoes themselves take me right back too. The colourways are spot on for the early 80’s, and that’s the same chequer board pattern which flew inches from my nose when my BMXing friend ‘bunny hopped’ his bike over me as I lay in the road.  So make sure you stay Rad and cherry pick your favourite Vans here.


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