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Vans Old Skool Premium Leather Pack

May 12, 2017


Vans Style 36 or the  Old Skool as we know it,  was originally introduced to the world in 1977. The iconic shoe was one for firsts, not only was it the brands first skate shoe to have leather applied to the upper, but most importantly it was the first to adorn the now famous ‘side stripe’, originally known as the Jazz Stripe, which has gone on to act as a symbol of the brands rich heritage, marking some of their most iconic styles.

The Old Skool was more robust than its predecessor – the authentic, with its multi panelling, performance enhancing waffle sole and low profile making the durable shoe a favourite among skaters and BMX riders alike.

Customisation of trainers had become hugely popular amongst the youth in the 80’s, with customers looking to make their shoes unique to themselves. The Old Skool’s upper began to serve as a canvas for those looking to customise their pair with the different panels offering a perfect platform to add new colour or pattern treatments. Vans saw opportunity in this and Van Doren’s custom program was introduced to further connect those who were passionate about the Sidestripe. Vans continue to promote expression through customisation of their iconic silhouettes to this day and it has become a huge part of the brands heritage.

Moving into the 90’s the shoe began to gain more attention in the world of music and more prominently fashion. Vans played an important part in the music scene through tours and sponsorship, with the band shoe program launching in the early 90’s and also working with notable bands and musicians to create unique colour ways of key styles. High profile collaborations with the likes of Supreme and Marc Jacobs saw Vans and the Old Skool shape make the seamless transition into the fashion world and play a huge part in shaping street fashion as we know it.

This Spring sees Vans take the iconic silhouette and give it a premium rework through the application of leather on the entirety of the shoes upper. The shoe maintains its classic waffle sole and multi-panelling, but is upgraded with tonal leather and lacing which sits on top of a chunky white midsole. Within this pack we have also highlighted the Old Skool re-issue in Henna boot leather, featuring contrasting white rope laces and again sitting on top of a white midsole and waffle outsole.

You can shop our full Vans Old Skool selection HERE

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