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Urban Industry x Mr.Phomer

Jul 12, 2016



We are excited to share with you our latest collaborative project, teaming up with UK-based, Lisbon-born designer Mr.Phomer on a limit range of tees.

We’ve been big fans of Mr.Phomer for a while now, known for his unique, street-art inspired designs, his work has been subject of several high-profile collaborative projects, applying his signature style to everything from canvas to cotton. Drawing inspiration from military themes and classic comic designs, we linked up with Mr. Phomer to produce the ‘Rise To The Top’ & ‘Dropping The Goods’ t-shirt designs, which utilise a subtle colour palette of sand, olive, white & pink.

We caught up with Mr.Phomer to find out a bit more background on his approach, his inspiration and what’s up next…

Hey Andre, how’s it going. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Lisbon born, raised by the streets of rage n learned kung fu arts since a young age. Seen the world trough the navy and recognised the appreciation of the finest delicacies and the love of arts in a dog eat dog world. Since then I do what I only ever know to do, create, celebrate and cook.

You moved over to London from Lisbon, how does the scene here differ from your native city?

Lisbon is a beautiful burg. The scene is cool and ever-growing and I’m lucky to know a great deal of rats breaking the underground and putting the city on the world map with bouncin’ beats, prolific projects and mouth watering art getting high levels of recognition from Laos to L.A. This is all coming from a struggling country with the same population as London it self. So the scene is obviously more niche but again can’t praise it enough the work my LX fam is putting out.

You’ve spoken before on how graffiti helped introduce you to art. What was it about street art that resonated with you?

The graffiti and sk8 life were a big part of my young dog years.
The artsy fartsy side was there already i reckon, but that feeling of street life and taking your space in the city is unbeatable , more even the vandal and statement side of it to be honest, the culture came with music, a lifestyle, a fam, a crew, a hustle and knowledge and values that stick with you and that’s for life, you can’t learn that shit online

Where do you find inspiration?

Well sleep is the cousin of death, so basically i never sleep , that makes me borderline mental but also gives me a lot of time to absorb shit . So from the morning bike rides in London, to the digging of collecting rare comics and books, all the great ldn fam I’ve got to know and meet every day on them streets and the parties always keeping me in check. Also making  sick shit and music to soundtrack all of it, to the obscure movies and late night adventures. At the end of the day if that don’t inspire you, you gotta be sleepin’

How would you describe your style?

People always say my style is wild. You got gall you got guile ( RIP MCA)

How did you approach this project with Urban Industry?

This cool collab comes from a mutual respect for each others work, each one in their field but we are all in the same boat. The army retro cartoon style comes from this feeling, this is how i feel it, we’re militants to this game, we drop the goods and keep rising to the top. UI is a great example of this and makes me feel this connection not only between us but all our target audience that share this vibe.

What’s next for Mr.Phomer?

I do wanna become a raccoon in a near future and just munch out. But until my dream comes true I do have a bunch of cool collabs dropping soon with mainly UK and US based brands, a couple of shows, keep working with some good friends and some big names, and some surprises I can’t reveal at the moment or i get shot, or shots, yeah buy me shots and I’ll tell you.

The Urban Industry x Mr.Phomer collaboration is now available in-store and online. Shop HERE











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