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Urban Industry SELECTED

May 12, 2017

We’re constantly inundated with deliveries here at Urban Industry, whether it’s from fresh-faced new brands or grizzled veterans. It can be hard to make sense of it all sometimes, and the sheer onslaught of stock can see some really good stuff get buried in the mix. With the approach of Summer, we experience a huge influx of stock as we go through that cold to warm weather transition. After scratching our heads here for a bit, we decided that we needed to come together and work out a way to shine a light on all these cool new pieces. Instead of doing the usual brand focus lookbook, which can be a bit dry sometimes, we decided we would try our hands at a more stylised photo shoot with a bit of editorial to back it up. Roping off key new brands and trends into separate issues, we’re working hard to highlight these fresh new deliveries in what hopefully makes for a more interesting read.

The inaugural issue of Urban Industry Selected focused exclusively on new brand arrivals, specifically at premium American-made totes and backpacks from BLK Pine Workshop, smart patterned shirting and tailored trousers from our Antipodean cousins over at Grand Scheme and I Love Ugly, as well as some more sophisticated cut & sew offerings from Southern California's Publish. Issue 002 turned to the old hands in the form of Edwin, Carhartt and Penfield. We also featured  Pine Fort. From the creative team behind Maiden Noir and Blk Pine Workshop comes the equally durable but more affordable brand, Pine Fort. Still made in the USA, we've been wowed by the bold use of colour and materials used by these guys. Our most recent issue – Issue 003 – looks to our Southern Californian cousins at Diamond Supply Co., Obey, HUF and Vans for some much needed sunshine. Finally we can put away our heavy winter wear for another season and embrace the warmer months ahead with a selection of shorts, t-shirts and short sleeve shirts.


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