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Urban Industry Hits New York

May 12, 2017

A few weeks ago it as my birthday and the missus had arranged a 4 night trip to New York.. Partly because it was my birthday and she was being a great wife, but partly because she'd never been before. Whatever the main reason it was a good shout. 

Upon arrival we set about covering all the tourist traps as quick as possible and in my book that's the area around Spring and Lafayette street for various reasons. Busmans holiday time as we ducked in and out of the usual spots, Supreme, Stussy, Vans/DQM General Store, The Hundreds, Patagonia, Nike 21 Mercer Street, Flight Club and the great Saturdays Surf Shop where i picked up a very nice zip hoody.  Trying hard to spend my fist full of dollars it was a harder than normal job. Last time i came to NY the dollar was 2 to the pound and globalisation hadn't wiped out local limited editions and items I couldn't find back in blighty. Still, I managed to pick up a few bits here and there, I wasn't going to go away totally empty handed was I?

The great thing about the trip was that we had arranged to visit our favourite New York brand, ONLY NY, so after an early morning trip up the Empire State Building we jumped in a cab and headed uptown. The ONLY office's are in a pretty unassuming block with a road bridge passing just above, for me it couldn't have looked more 'New York' if it tried, fantastic! Owners Micah and Julian were very hospitable and showed us round the studio, office and, if you're following ONLY on Instagram, the infamous 'Corner Store' where presently you can make an appointment and buy product direct from the guys. We got to see some of the newly arrived samples for the Spring range and some of their new US made backpacks and accessory line.  After a quick tour of the roof BBQ/party area we said out goodbyes, great to have finally met the guys in person.

Somehow we had managed to book the trip over the Super Bowl weekend and of course with the NY Giants playing the whole city was buzzing and pretty much painted in blue. Having no clue of what was happening we watched the game in a typical NY bar.  The Giants won and a couple of days later, and by sheer fluke of being in the city at the time, we were treated to a full on New York Ticker tape parade and procession of the trophy and winning team through the 'Canyon of Heroes', basically Broadway from the bottom to City Hall which added a nice twist to the trip to say the least.

All in all a very decent trip, even though at times it felt like a walking holiday we put so many miles in up and down Manhattan! 

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