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Urban Industry Best of 2013: James M

May 12, 2017

1. Best release

The i love ugly watch range gets the top spot for me. This brand has a refined and tasteful style across everything they make, which happens to be shoes and caps and literally everything in-between. With everything being custom made they know what looks good and the watches are no exception. They tell the time and look great too.

2. Best brand

INDCSN. It would be i love ugly but I recently picked up an INDCSN shirt and it was hands down the best fitting shirt I've ever worn. That's all it takes to get in my good books.

3. Best new brand

For me it's outdoor apparel kings The North Face. Countryfile fans will no doubt have already heard about this brand before we became a stockist. Dropping straight in here at Urban Industry as one of the brands with the longest history dating back to 1968.

4. Best movie

The most expensive independent film ever made if Wikipedia is to be believed, Cloud Atlas was largely overlooked upon release despite an all-star cast and the Wachowski brothers (The Matrix, V for Vendetta) as directors. The story takes place across six interwoven time periods from the 1840s to the 2320s. Definitely worth a watch for the novelty of each actor playing six parts and then a second time to answer any questions that will inevitably surface. For a sci-fi movie it hasn't received its fair share of obligatory gaping plot holes which is a positive and it's a fairly original movie by 2013's standards, there's no copycat 'Cloud Atlas Has Fallen' or 'Cloud Atlas Rim'.

5. Best album

Burial Rival Dealer EP. Not an album but it's longer then some and therefore counts. Not one release from the enigmatic London producer has been anything less than superb. This EP sees a new direction for Burial's sound but still in keeping with his style to please the die-hards like me.

6. Best moment

It was an all-round positive year in general, here's to 2014!

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