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The Quiet Life Quick Strike

May 12, 2017


Brands come and go. That's a given. You might get one really strong season out of one brand who is successfully riding a wave of hype, or a current trend. Likewise, a brand can come from nowhere and almost overnight become one of the big boys. Certain other brands do it differently though, quietly building up their profile over time with solid releases and minimal hype/loud noises. One of those brands is The Quiet Life.


We've stocked The Quiet Life here at Urban Industry here for a couple of seasons. We've always been drawn to their photography-led aesthetic and clean designs. What we've noticed in the last 6 to 12 months is a growing number of new customers clicking with the brand. There is no secret formula here, no manufactured hype or trend-courting cynical moves coming from Andy Mueller and co. It really is just down to clean designs, executed well using quality materials. From the 5-panels to the contrast pocket t-shirts; it's this unfussy approach that really shines.


We're delighted to be one of only a handful of UK stockists of The Quiet Life quick strike releases. Limited in numbers, these tees and caps won't hang about for long. Keep an eye out as well for some possibly quite cool news coming up over the next few months for TQL as well. We've been busy building better links with the brand, having run an Instagram competition with them a few weeks ago (check out a full write-up of the winner @blaowphoto over on the Deadly Serious blog).


In the meantime you can view the whole The Quiet Life collection: HERE


By SeanM

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