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The Nike Air Max 98 OG Gundam and Tour Yellow drop at Urban Industry

Jan 25, 2018
Nike Air Max 98 OG Gundam

Nike Air Max 98 x LAW – The Rider’s Choice

To mark the long-awaited return of the Air Max 98, Nike has partnered with LAW – a London-based youth culture publication – to create a content series entitled ‘The Rider’s Choice’. 

The car represents freedom and aspiration for British teens, and ‘The Rider’s Choice’ explores this coming of age story.

LAW cast emerging talent to shoot, direct and feature in the series – bringing young creatives together to celebrate the Air Max 98’s turbo-charged components.

‘The Rider’s Choice’ takes this heritage icon to a new creative generation.

Nike Air Max 98 - OG

The Gundam and Tour Yellow have been shot against the backdrop of car engines and bodywork. The prized possessions of young fanatics, these restored, customised vehicles are bold expressions of teenage dreams.

Mint condition, garaged and as box fresh as the Air Max 98, the crisp paint work and high-performance engines compliment the futuristic silhouette and timeless design of the shoe. 

These OG colourways were captured by emerging still-life photographer Oskar Proctor. Lewisham-born and raised, Oskar has been making waves with his sharp yet poignant aesthetic.

Both Colours of the Nike Air Max 98 OG's launch at Urban Industry at 8.00am GMT 26th January 2018 here.

Nike Air Max 98 OG Gundam
Nike Air Max 98 OG Tour Yellow
Nike Air Max 98 OG Tour Yellow

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