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The Hundreds ‘Move Mountains’ Winter 2013 collection

May 12, 2017

The Hundreds Winter 2013 is due to drop soon here at Urban Industry. As a little taster of what’s to come, the guys over at The Hundreds have put together this awesome little stop-motion video highlighting the key releases from the new ‘Move Mountains’ collection. As always, colourful graphics and a sense of playfulness abound. Expect this drop to land at Urban Industry late October/early November.

Bobby Hundreds gives us the lowdown – “Ancient scripture once affirmed that faith as small as a mustard seed could move mountains. And with that, we embark on our Winter 2013 collection – “MOVE MOUNTAINS” – a mountaineering-inspired tribute to those courageously led by faith in following dreams and carving out realities. The Hundreds was a mere seed once, an idea planted firmly in the soil of blind passion and watered with diligence. 10 years later, we stand under the shade of this voluminous project, from two dudes to a crew of believers to a global army of followers. We never let mountains of doubt keep us from our future. With what little faith and trust in ourselves, we pushed them out of our way.”


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