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The Hundreds ‘Back To The Hundreds’ Collection

October 20, 2015


Paying homage to Bobby Hundreds favourite movie of all time and celebrating Back To The Future’s 30th anniversary, streetwear giants The Hundreds have put together the ‘Back To The Hundreds’ capsule collection.

Drawing inspiration from some of the most iconic styles from within the movie, including Marty Mcfly’s famous red gilet and the auto-drying jacket, the collection incorporates performance materials including the brands Dri-Fit and Nano Coat technologies bringing the ‘future’ in to modern day. The collection is bulked out with a selection of strong streetwear staples in the graphic tees and long sleeves bearing the Delorian and hover board amongst other notable throwback motifs, as well as custom headwear pieces and lightweight coach jackets, again featuring motifs from the movie.

All in all its a well presented and well executed release. The Hundreds deliver a tasteful and highly wearable collection that sticks closely to the themes of on one of the most iconic movies of all time. The Hundreds ‘Back To The Hundreds’ Collection will be available with us tomorrow, the 21st of October, HERE. 

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