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The Humble Majesty of the Plain White T-Shirt

May 12, 2017

Ok, we accept that the foundations of modern streetwear are built upon the graphic tee. We’ve seen trends come and go over the years – allover prints, back prints, massive logos and tie dye have all been rolled out over the seasons and continue to go in waves of popularity. One of the true dependable items amongst all of this is the plain white t-shirt. This utilitarian staple works on any level, goes with everything and will never be accused of going out of fashion. Just like a good pair of denim is a must-have, every wardrobe should have the plain white t-shirt on standby as well.

We stock a great range of basic white t-shirts here at Urban Industry. From our own-brand Basics range (fantastic value at £7.95) up to branded offerings from the likes of Dickies, Edwin and Levis, we pride ourselves on the range we carry. The Dickies range in particular is worth mentioning as we stock crewneck, v-neck and vest multipacks (starting at around £29.99 for a 3-pack). These are fantastic value and coupled with Dickies’ proud workwear heritage, you know they’ll be built to last. Elsewhere the Levis 2 Pack Crew Neck T-Shirts offers a great cut and can be washed over and over without losing their edge.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Kirkland range of blank t-shirts on sale at Costco. Their 6-pack white tees are phenomenal and I’m constantly stocking up on them whenever we go to Costco in Croydon. Just ask the guys at Urban Industry about the Kirkland Connect. Worth a mention too are Uniqlo’s Dry Packaged t-shirts. These cotton/poly blend tees offer excellent moisture wicking and are relatively inexpensive as well. No matter what you go with, everyone is gonna have their own blank white tee that they swear by (out to the Pro Club posse). Why not check out our range today, and don’t forget we offer free UK shipping and returns on all orders here at Urban Industry


By SeanM

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