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The Glory of Sweat Pants

May 12, 2017

When it comes to grey heather marl cotton we don’t blink an eye with regards to crewneck sweatshirts or hoodies. We’ll even spend big money on the Reigning Champs and Edwins of this world in order to obtain that fleece goodness. Apply the same fabrication to a pair of sweat pants however and most people will balk. “Jeremy Kyle Show fodder”, they’ll scoff; “Jog on back to Sports Direct son”, they will sneer derisively. Well fuck ‘em; sweat pants are the essence of comfort and can most certainly be socially acceptable when done right. Sure, your wife/girlfriend/mother will never agree, but when done right a pair of sweats can tie a whole outfit together. Allow me to explain…

I’m not talking about that ratty pair you keep hold of with the hot rock burns and such. Brands such as I Love Ugly and Diamond Supply Co. are both offering up their own tailored takes on traditional sweat pants at the moment. Little touches such as the tapered legs or adjustable elastic draw cords at the bottom of both pant legs are helping redefine what sweat pants are about. Brands such as adidas and Undefeated have also been knocking ‘em out for as long as I can remember as it fits in perfectly with their sports-influenced aesthetic. Having seen the linesheets for SS14 onwards, it’s safe to say an awful lot more brands will enter the fray with their own interpretations of premium fleece comfort.

Far be it from me to tell you how to dress, but here are a few pointers for wearing sweats:

1- Don’t do double sweats. Unless you’re stomping the prison yard or you’re Rocky Balboa, this isn’t a great look. Look to team your sweat pants with a decent shirt or jacket instead.

2- Mix the footwear up a bit. The Air Max 1s might make it look like you’re ready for the gym. Instead try teaming your pants with a pair of Vans or Gourmet for a cleaner look

3-The white sports sock might give it an unwanted gym class feel. Look to mix it up with our selection of socks. Alternatively, go sock-free (or just look like it with our No-Show socks)


by SeanM

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