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The Daily Street Awards 2013

May 12, 2017

It’s that time of year again as The Daily Street Awards roll around for the second year running. 2013 was a big year for streetwear and men’s fashion, and the Daily Street has done a commendable job in covering all of these aspects over the past 12 months. The guys over at TDS have the full run down for us on the awards:

“We’ve upgraded the voting system this year to add a nicer form and better security features so that people can’t flood the voting with multiple entries (gotta play fair!). We’ve also given the awards a nice little rebrand thanks to our designer Chris Benfield. The TDS Awards last year provided us with some easy-to-predict winners as well as some brilliant surprises, so we’re excited to see what left an impression on you this year. Cast your vote by filling out the form below and hitting the VOTE button at the bottom. You’ll need to confirm your email address so we know you’re real.

Winners will be announced in 2 weeks time! Spread to word and make sure all your friends have voted by sharing this image on Facebook, or retweeting this tweet or sharing this image on Instagram. The more entries, the better the results. And don’t forget to use #TDSawards”.

We were lucky enough to be awarded the Best Streetwear Store in The Daily Street 2012 awards, so are looking forward to seeing the outcome of this year’s awards!

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