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Swizz Beats gets mixing with Reebok

January 08, 2012

Sometimes you've got to try and push things forward and Reebok have definitely tried to achieve that this season. Asking US DJ, Rapper, Producer Swizz Beats if he had the answers he's come back with the new Kamikaze 3 boot. Swizz Beats is best known for working with Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kayne West, Beyonce and being Alicia Keys Husband so bearing all that in mind you can see where the inspiration has come from for these boots.

Love it or hate it the boot is definitely different in a market where a lot of retro's, vintage, reissues are the norm, you can't ignore the Kamikaze 3. It kind of reminds of the recent Nike Back to the Future Mag tech boot release last year with its very futuristic straight lines, use of triangles in the heel and angled hi top cut.

If you think you can handle the future now you can pick a pair up from our Reebok selection here.