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Sustainable Outdoor Brand Patagonia Wins UN Champions of the Earth Award

Oct 11, 2019

Patagonia is already well known for being a sustainable brand and making every effort to go above and beyond when it comes to making their clothes as eco friendly as possible, including using organic, recycled, Blue Sign and Fair Trade materials and factories for many of their clothes (and at least one of the the above in everything) so it's no surprise that they've been rewarded for their hard work.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) acknowledged Patagonia in the entrepreneurial vision category. Patagonia's ideals rest in making durable clothing that causes no harm, keeps a close eye on the supply chain and makes sure that anyone who works for them, regardless as to whether it's at their headquarters or in the factories that make their clothes, they have Fair Trade rules apply to all.

Patagonia Plastic Bottle Recycling - Urban Industry Eastbourne

Under 1% of the material used to make clothes gets turned into new clothing each year and Patagonia have realised this and have worked hard to improve on it, so over 70% of their clothes are now made from recycled materials. They recycle used drinks bottles, unusable manufacturing waste and worn-out clothes (including their own) into polyester fibers to make the clothing, which is made to be durable and to a very high standard.

Inger Andersen, the Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme says, “Through its commitment to sustainability and engagement with today’s most pressing environmental issues, Patagonia offers a perfect example of how the private sector can join the battle against climate change, biodiversity loss and other threats to human and planetary health,”.

Patagonia Outdoor Photo - Urban Industry Eastbourne

Patagonia plan to make 100% of their clothes from recycled and renewable materials by 2025 and here at Urban Industry we are proud to stock such a sustainable and forward thinking brand and are pleased to see the efforts that Patagonia are going to, paving the way for other brands to follow suit and create a more sustainable and eco friendly industry.

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