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Staff Picks – SeanM – September 2012

May 12, 2017

Another month down and here we are again at the Urban Industry Staff Picks blog. I’ve joked that in the past that picking product for my contribution ends up like being a veritable wishlist of stuff I want to buy come payday. September rings truer than most months as we’re really starting to see some killer Fall product come through. Seriously, I might have to buy all of the items featured here. I’m even prepared to throw down and tussle with anyone that comes within the last sizes of this stuff. Consider yourselves warned. So, without further ado, I present to you my picks for Septemeber 2012…

As is customary, I’ll start with the headwear. I’m moving away from caps this month in favour of the influx of beanies we’ve received at UI HQ. Now, I’m not a massive bobble beanie fan and those loud jacquard knits can find another head to keep warm as far as I’m concerned. That’s why I’ve opted for the simplicity of the Altamont A. Reynolds Signature Beanie in Brick (£19.99). I bought the red version last year and pretty much rocked it straight for 5 months. This is what I look for in a beanie – a good solid colour that works with most stuff and subtle labelling on the hem. 

I’m gonna layer it up next, starting with the grey t-shirt from the Dickies MC T-Shirt Pack (£24.99). If you don’t already own these then seriously, stop reading this blog and go buy ‘em. Seriously. These are staples done right, and should form the blueprint for any other brand looking to do a quality line of basics. A t-shirt that fits well, washes well and doesn’t wreck your head with tags scratching. Over this I’m gonna pay a visit to San Francisco’s Benny Gold and his Benny Gold Button Up Shirt in Light Indigo (£84.99). This is Benny’s take on the classic chambray shirt given his own unique twist. You get extra stash pockets for stickers and what not, and sewn-in sleeve tabs to hold rolled up cuffs. A nice custom slim fit finishes this shirt. Did I mention it’s handmade in the USA in limited quantities as well?

As I write this the sun is shining outside, but by the time I put this blog live it’ll probably be back to being gloomy. With this in mind I’m opting for the HUF Waxed Highland Jacket in Duck Camo (£175). Look, you’re probably hearing a lot of chat at the moment along the lines of ‘camo is played out’ or ‘camo has been overdone’. Don’t listen to these morons. Camouflage is one of the bedrocks upon which streetwear was built. It’s always been there, and always will be. Hype brands will come and go, but camo can still be rocked regardless. This jacket features a custom duck camo print produced exclusively for HUF. This is a substantial piece of outerwear that features a rain-resistant 10oz washed cotton twill construction with an oiled finish.

All right, next is some real talk – we’ve all thought at one point that we can cut corners on denim, pick up a cheap pair that might look ok, but 6 months down the line have gone to shreds. I know I’ve been there, hence why I wore nothing but Dickies for years after swearing off shitty quality jeans. I’ve come round to seeing the light, specifically in investing in a good quality pair of selvedge denim that is built to last. Even though the Edwin Nashville Jeans in Blue Unwashed (£120) come with a hefty price tag, they’re arguably some of the best made jeans that we have on offer here at Urban Industry. Trust me on this one. Hitch those pants up with the Carhartt clip chrome belt (£19.99). One day I’ll grow up and get a proper handmade leather belt like my man SeanH lovingly produces over at The Ashdown Workshop, but today is not that day. Webbed canvas will do for now.

For my footwear choice I’m turning to one of our oft neglected brands – Etnies. You see, I’m not a sneaker head and while I get excited around big Nike releases, it’s never for the actual product itself. I’m a firm believer in solid skate footwear and the Etnies Jameson 2 LX Shoes in Black/Brown (£54.99) are a great example of a classic skate silhouette given the luxury treatment. I’ve picked up a few pieces from the Etnies Skyline collection over the years and I’m always impressed with the premium materials used. These are no exception with premium leather and brass hardware being used. You should know by now that we produce our own line of basics here at Urban Industry, so I’m picking a pair of our Urban Industry Special Works Socks (£2.50). I remember buying a pair of these online before I actually worked at UI, hoping that the quality wouldn’t be shit. Here I am 3 years on and they’re still going strong. I don’t think I can say the same for any other pair of socks in my drawer at home. These are the ones, trust me.

Anyone how knows me will tell you that camo and orange is my ideal combination. It’s my Alpha and Omega, my creamy pint of Guinness with the cheeky shot of Jameson on the side to chase. That’s why I’m picking the Penfield Idelwood Backpack in Orange (£54.99) from the Penfield Fall ’12 collection for my accessories. It’s a nice take on the hiking-influenced bags we’ve seen over the past few seasons, but given a much needed pop of colour. To finish I’m going to pick the Vans iPhone 4 Case in Black (£24.99). I don’t even own an iPhone, but hey – it looks like a shoe! Maybe they’ll make one to fit the Samsung Galaxy someday. Apple will probably just sue ‘em if they do though…


by SeanM

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