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Staff Picks – Sean H – 23rd August 2012

May 12, 2017

It’s my turn again to show you a few pieces that have really stood out to me over the past few weeks. I will be talking you few a few of my choices that led me to make up this weeks look.  Overall there has been a very strong range of items coming through this month already, as we’re on the turn of the seasons… progressing through summer and now on into autumn.

No hats again for me this week. You should be learning by now that I’m really not a hat person, which is a real shame as we have such a great collection right now… maybe I will sneak a few beanies in to my looks later in the season. I’ve picked up the new Altamont Flintlock Jacket. We’re barely out of summer yet, so this product is ideal due to it being an over-shirt style jacket. I’d say it was a medium weight item, but don’t be put off by that as it packs quite a punch when it comes to staying warm with its polar fleece lining. Easily wearable right now and more importantly through autumn. Priced at £79.99, the jacket is a cheaper than a lot of similar jackets from other brands out there.

Next up is the Urban Industry Basics T-Shirt in Maroon. There’s just something about mixing Maroon with tan coloured items… they work so well hand in hand. The Urban Industry Basic’s range is great for those that want good quality items without the huge price tag. By keeping the branding down, we keep the prices down. A simple Maroon T-shirt that wears and washes up well, all for just £7.99 per T-Shirt.

It’s been a good month for denim, especially for me. You can’t believe how happy I was to find out that we had some skinny Edwin Jeans in stock! Due to me being a skinny ba***rd, I struggle with a lot of the looser cut jeans that Edwin and Carhartt normally come up with. The Edwin ED-88 Super Slim Jeans are spot on, coming with all the usual premium Edwin trimmings and quality but in a tighter fit for people that prefer wearing slimmer denim. You can pick these up now for £89.99.

I’m beginning to get a bit of a soft spot for New Balance as of late, with a lot new styles and colourways really standing out for me. Our latest offering of New Balance comes in the form of the New Balance 577 GNA (grey). I’m more of a 1500 person myself, but im coming around to a few of NB’s other styles, the 577 in particular. This 577 was selected to be made in New Balance’s UK factory located in Flimby. The subtle balance of grey and navy tones really does it for me, and small details such as the grey infill found on the midsole. You can be assured that these shoes will be real comfy due to their specialized EnCap sole unit. Grab a pair of these from the store now at £84.99.

As usual to round things off, I’ve thrown in a few smaller accessory pieces that I think go really well with the look and certainly help to finish it off. First up we have the HUF Plantlife Socks in Charcoal for  £12.00. If you haven’t heard of or seen these socks lately I can only surmise that you’ve been hiding down a dark cave for the past 6 months. These socks are now available in more colours than ever before and these charcoal ones really pick up on the grey tones found in the New Balance 577’s and burgundy in the Urban Industry Basic T-Shirt. Last but not least, we have the Field Notes Alaska Country Fair Notebooks. These great little books come in a pack of 3. Each book crams in a back page of Alaskan facts and figures, extra handy if you find yourself in the state at some point in your life.  Everyone needs a good notebook to hand, these can be yours for £7.95.


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