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Socks for days

May 12, 2017

I’ve mentioned before on Twitter how I reckoned Summer 2013 was the season that brands discovered socks. Sure, we’ve always done a small touch before from the likes of Volcom and Benny Gold, but this season has seen an explosion in popularity with loads of different brands all upping their hosiery game. Brands such as The Quiet Life and ONLY NY have gone on an all-out colour assault and their offerings are bound to get you noticed. Others such as Obey and Vans have gone down the patterned route to great success. We’ve also seen brands like Brixton offer smarter dress socks for those that prefer theirs a little bit thinner. UK brands are well-represented as well with brands such as Indcsn using socks as an extension of the brand’s personality. If all of the above are a bit busy for you, we also offered more muted numbers from the likes of Carhartt and Rascals’. Basically, we have the sock game locked down here at Urban Industry. We’re so damn generous we also offer Free UK shipping and returns on all sock orders.


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