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Review: Five Guys, Covent Garden

May 12, 2017

Incredibly late to the party on this one but I thought I’d chime in. Five Guys, along with the likes of Shake Shack and In-N-Out Burger, are the latest American burger and chip power house to land on our shores. Since opening earlier this year, Five Guys have gone on to open another two branches as they look to achieve burger dominance in the nation’s capital. Much like their competitors mentioned above, the menu is simple and choices are limited. The emphasis is on freshness here, and as I queued up on Friday night at their Covent Garden branch I was hoping the fuss I kept hearing was going to be worth it.

Queuing on a cold November’s evening for a burger? Yep, that seems to be par for the course as part of the Five Guys experience. As eating out becomes more and more of a spectator sport with a running social media commentary running parallel, this seems to be the norm. I can’t complain too much as we only had to wait about 10 minutes to get out of the cold. As I said, the menu is limited so even the biggest bozo shouldn’t fluster too much at the till. I went for the bacon cheeseburger and large fries. The lady at the till warned me they were meant for sharing with up to 3 people, but I was starving and foolishly thought I could handle them by myself. I wish I had listened in retrospect, as the carrier bag full of French Fries I was presented with was straight-up ridiculous. They were tasty though; the peanut oil they fry ‘em in was definitely a winner.

As for the burger itself… yeah, it was grand I suppose. Nothing spectacular mind, but tasty enough. I would’ve preferred a pinker, juicier patty but maybe this is an option I missed on the menu. I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt. I kinda feel I’ve been here before with In-N-Out. It’s fine, as much as burgers and chips can be. Major difference being I only remember shelling out a few dollars for In-N-Out. The first time I visited In-N-Out in California I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Would I queue in the cold in tourist-infested Covent Garden to have it again? Probably not.

My bill for the burger, fries and soft drink came to a hefty £16. Put simply, it’s not worth it. It’s fast food done well, but it’s still just fast food. Many will disagree, but I’d say give it a shot for yourself and decide if it’s worth the hype and the £££.

by SeanM

(photo source: The Evening Standard)

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