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Rep Wars: Fraser from Eastpak

May 12, 2017

1. Hello Fraser, can you tell us how you got in to repping and how you ended up with Eastpak?

About 2 years ago I worked as a manager/buyer at an independent store in Glasgow. I was regularly down south shopping, seeing mates and getting tattooed and wanted to explore other avenues outside Scotland. I had also became close friends with the Northern Eastpak rep: Vince and through him I ended up getting a job with the brand.

2. With a big brand like Eastpak, I’d imagine your clientele is quite varied. Do you prefer working with smaller indies like us, or do the big boys make your live easier with sheer volume of orders?

This sounds super clichéd – but it is so varied that I don't have a preference. You would be surprised at how varied it is. We have some high end accounts that do our collabs to skatestores and sneaker shops.  I find the bigger ones help to keep my boss happy with the sorts of numbers they're doing haha. But I enjoy putting together a tight range with a smaller store for example.

3. What are the best and worst aspects of the job?

The best parts are the visits to Urban Industry HQ obviously. Seriously though, it's the interacting with like-minded individuals. Love a bit of banter.

Worst parts are the traffic jams I am stuck in on a weekly basis. Driving in and out of London is an absolute nightmare.

4. Certain bastards (i.e. us) have created #RepWars as a way of documenting the cakes and donuts that brands kindly bestow upon us. What’s your take on this? Have we made an already stressful job needlessly more stressful?

I think you have made life harder than it needs to be, Sean.  It's a long drive from London to Eastbourne without all that carryon!

Next time I am coming down I will bring you the good shit – glass bottle of Irn Bru – only available in Scotland

5. What’s your advice for people who want to get in to brand representation? Is there a set pattern to follow, or are industry contacts your best option?

Another clichéd answer – but it's about 80% luck and 20% who you know. I think it helps to be into the brands you want to sell. That's only going to hold you in a high regard with an interviewer if they can see you're genuinely into what they're putting out. Loads of brands are well versed in Twitter and Instagram (fuck Facebook) – and will sometimes post job opportunities on there so it’s worthwhile keeping an eye out on them.


by SeanM



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