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Reebok Classic

May 12, 2017

We’re big on anniversaries here at Urban Industry at the moment. We’re celebrating our own ten year anniversary this year, as are top streetwear brands such as Mishka and The Hundreds. 2003 was a magical year evidently. Some of the heavy-hitter sportswear brands are also celebrating key milestones this year; none more important than the 30th anniversary of the Reebok Classic Leather.

Reebok (name comes from the Afrikaans spelling of rhebok, a type of African antelope or gazelle – thanks Wikipedia), are arguably one of the most slept-on footwear brands we stock here at Urban Industry. While many flock to Nike and adidas without hesitation, Reebok doesn’t get the love it deserves. That’s set to change this year though with some carefully planned collections and tasteful collaborations to celebrate the Classic in style. Look at the most recent Reebok Classic Utility pack – premium suede and canvas with subtle camo hits all for under £60. Or the most recent collaborations with Gary Warnett and Crooked Tongues. Referencing everything from prison life and the Classic’s dubious honour of being the optimum shoe to commit crime in, to the Patrick Cox snakeskin loafers everybody went ape for in the 90s, credit must be given to Reebok for approaching these collaborations with a sense of playfulness and also giving free reign to all involved to create the shoe they want. How many po-faced ‘collabs’ have we had to endure from other brands that are as dry as Jacob’s crackers and seem special only in inflated RRPs alone?

It’s not just all Classics from Reebok though. There’s also a rich heritage of basketball and running heritage that we’ve seen coming through in recent drops. Again, nothing here that’s gonna break the bank. Just decent retro rereleases in a selection of solid colourways. Take the Reebok Ventilator in Black/Grey/Violet we’ve just had delivered; as pointed out to me by a customer on Twitter, this is basically a Decepticon in shoe form and all the better for it. Why not check out our full selection of Reebok shoes below. We also offer Free UK Delivery and Returns on all orders too


By SeanM

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