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Rebel8 Summer 2014

May 12, 2017

Californian streetwear brand Rebel8 are back on UK shores with their Summer 2014 collection. Showcasing a much sunnier disposition than previous efforts, the brand’s new lookbook features a feel-good summer setting yet still retains their gritty aesthetic. Mike Giant’s signature artwork still adorns a range of caps, tees and vests but the brand are content to switch things up by showcasing it against a sunny poolside setting.

What’s interesting as well is how Rebel8 have started showcasing the unisex appeal of their pieces and also developing a separate women’s line. Brand owner Joshy D has been quite smart in identifying the trend in streetwear for girls wearing guy’s clothes and the resulting images in this Summer 2014 lookbook showcase the duality of Rebel8’s t-shirts and vests. You can shop the new Rebel8 Summer 2014 collection online and instore at Urban Industry. Don’t forget we also offer free UK delivery and returns on all orders placed.


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