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Puma States Reissue

May 12, 2017

It’s not just today’s kids that look to America for inspiration when it comes to fashion. When hip-hop hit big in the 80s, kids in the UK went mad for all things rap-related. Looking to emulate that classic NYC B-Boy was high on the agenda and the key piece to pulling off that look was copping a pair of Puma Suedes. This was easier said than done in 1980’s Britain as the shoe was not widely available. Those who did manage to get their hands on a pair eventually ended up rechristening them the Puma States after the country of their origin.

To celebrate this story and the UK’s unique relationship with the classic shoe, Puma have reissued the States in three colourways for Spring 2014. Releasing on Tuesday April 1st 2014 at Urban Industry, these iterations of the classic Puma States feature a vintage-inspired off-white sole, perforated leather collar and rich suede uppers. These are a sure-fire hit and great way for you to grab a part of Puma’s heritage today.


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