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Odd Future clothing coming to Urban Industry

May 12, 2017

Odd Future (or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) are arguably the hottest hip hop collective out there, eliciting controversy and hype no matter where they go. From humble beginnings a few years back, the L.A. teenagers have conquered the rap world, gotten their own Adult Swim TV show and launched their own clothing line.

The Odd Future love affair with streetwear is well documented in their music. Tyler The Creator peppers his lyrics with references to Supreme ("Being the only bastard in a box logo casket"), and the gang have been known to rock a variety of different brands. I suppose it came as no surprise when the crew opened their very own OFWGKTA pop-up store on Rosewood Avenue a few months back in the old HUF store. The Odd Future clothing line bridges the gap between band merch and high end streetwear. The travelling pop-up Sweatshop that accompanies them on tour is constantly mobbed. Indeed you can see the BBC covering the last visit to London HERE.

Look for a mid September drop for the Odd Future clothing. We'll have a selection of tees, hoodies, caps and accessories on offer when it lands.

Check the range of Odd Future Clothing, T-Shirts, Hoodys & Caps here..

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