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Nike Mayfly Runner floats this way soon..

May 12, 2017

Very happy to see the Nike Mayfly coming this way soon. I remember our local triathalon store stocking the original release of these a few years back and i was amazed at the superlightweight contruction, i think at the time it was Nike's lightest shoe ever made.. i could be mistaken.

The Nike Mayfly weighs in at 135g, roughly one-third the weight of normal running shoes, even more amazing to me was that they only were meant to last 100km of running and then they were to be thrown away! Supposidely the Mayfly design was inspired by an ideal put forth by Nike's founder Bill Bowerman that a pair of shoes shouuld be strong and suportive enough to carry the runner through a race but fall apart as they crossed the finish line. Obviously if you were going for your personal best time or something these would have been the shoes for you.

Luckily with the new release they've kept the super lightweight construction but upgraded the upper from a Tyvek paper to a super soft suede fabric so you won't have to be chucking them away after 10 trips to the pub. I'm definitely considering a pair for this Summer..

We have 3 colours coming, 2 new and the original all due for March it seems,

488351 002 – Matte Silver

488351 001 – Black/Black Silver

310703 800 – OG – Industrial Orange

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