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Nike All Star Pack release, the Nike Flight One & Foamposite One Galaxy arrive..

May 12, 2017

Because we're in the UK and because we don't have the mass following for US Basketball, packs like this often sneak up on us. 

Last week US footwear stores saw similar levels of hype that greeted the Jordan Retro 11 Concord boot just before Christmas 2011. People camping out days before the shoe arrived & riot police being deployed as the shop doors opened. Nike basketball releases have reached new heights of hysteria stateside it seems, whilst our store has its web servers tested on launch nights from massive traffic levels. Don't get me wrong its all good to see people getting hyped but we'd always like to see people who want to wear the shoes or collect them get a chance rather than ebay resellers. We've redeveloped some of product pages to try and keep it all as fair as possible when the shoes drop.

The standout shoe and one causing all madness from the All Star Pack is the well and truly out there Foamposite One Galaxy.  Originally Penny Hardaway's signature boot and released in 1997 it was Nike's most expensive boot with its synthetic molded upper. This version of Foamposite features a glow in the dark sole unit and a metallic looking 'Galaxy' star field across the uppers. In my opinion this is the ultimate Marmite shoe and definitely seems to mean more to the US market rather than our's here in the UK, i can't forsee too many queues let alone riots to grab a pair.

Part of the same All Star pack and keeping the Penny and retro connections going come these two versions of the Nike Flight One's. One in Hardaways Orlando teams colours and another in this Fresh Mint green and grey with some glow in the dark detailing.

Nike Foamposite Galaxy One – Nike Product Id: 521286-800

Nike Flight One Orlando – Nike Product id: 520502-110

Nike Flight One Glow in the Dark – Nike Product id: 520502-030 

All in all a big week for Nike Basketball releases. UNFORTUNATELY HERE'S THE RUB…

In the UK they aren't on general release and as a buyer I haven't sat down 6 months previous and placed an actual order for them as i would do with all the mainline Nike products we sell. They are a Nike quick strike drop which means generally, that Nike decide which shoes and how many we will get and then send them to us. We are getting a very, very small allocation of all these shoes. So small that its possibly not worth putting up on the site and seeing the mayhem that went on last Friday night for the Jordan Retro 4 release at midnight i don't think we'll put down any particular time or day that they'll go live to save our servers.. Basically if you're lucky enough to find them available and buy them then good luck to you! 

Please don't hate us, its just the way it is with this release! 

If you're bothered to look they should be on at some point from the 1st March through to the 4th or 5th.

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