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Nike Air Jordan 10 Powder Blue

May 12, 2017

Following on from the Nike Air Jordan 6 Rings “Powder Blue” that were released earlier this month, this weekend sees the release of the hotly-anticipated Air Jordan 10 Retro in White/Dark Powder Blue-Black.

This ‘90s classic is making a comeback. The Air Jordan 10 Retro “Powder Blue” is here and stays true to the original colourway. It features a tumbled leather upper, a signature elastic lacing system. It rocks a Powder Blue padded collar and rubber stripes along the outsole. And on each stripe, a reference to one of MJ’s career achievements from ’84 to ’94.

The Air Jordan 10 Retro “Powder Blue” drops Saturday, February 22nd at 10:00 GMT at Urban Industry. Strictly one per customer – Multiple orders will be cancelled.


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