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Mystery Ranch Backpacks

Feb 20, 2020

Mystery Ranch Back Packs

In this blog, we focus on the US based back pack brand, Mystery Ranch, a brand built on decades of experience and passion for durable load carriage systems.

Today, Mystery Ranch operates on a global scale and works closely with the US Military, wildland fire and mountaineering communities to design and build durable back packs that deliver on both comfort and functionality.

Built for the Mission

Mystery Ranch describe their back packs as being ‘Built for the Mission’ and their durability, comfort and functionality are a true testimony of that. Mystery Ranch has been creating high-quality back packs and load carriage systems for the military, wildland fire and mountaineering customers for 20 years.

Experience that shines through

With over 40 years of experience in back pack design, it’s fair to say that owners Dana Gleason and Renee Sippel-Baker are experts in their field.

Prior to starting Mystery Ranch, both Dana and Renee designed and build durable backpacks for the company that they co-owned; Dana Design.

It was Dana’s ArcFlex internal frame that was the first pack system to integrate different materials to maximise the benefits of each for a more effective load transfer. By the early 90’s, Dana’s packs had become recognised as the pack to own with Dana Design becoming synonymous with comfort and quality.

Having achieved global success, Dana and Renee decided to sell Dana Design to the K2 Corporation in 1995 and ski off into an early retirement. Or so they thought…

After being retired for only a few years, Dana and Renee felt the itch for business again, something that Dana claims stemmed from his daughter asking him to design a hip pack for her during his brief phase of retirement.

Once Dana had returned to his design room to work on the hip pack for his daughter, he realised that he had a plethora of designs that the world still needed to see.  After they polished up several more designs, Dana and Renee founded Mystery Ranch at the turn of the millennium.

The hip sack that Dana designed for his daughter was the foundation for what would become Mystery Ranch’s patented lumbar wrap with the patents for their distinct NICE frame and SATL design following shortly after.

The iconic Mystery Ranch SATL back pack

The 3 way expandable briefcase

Mystery Ranch 3 way briefcase at urban industry

A personal favourite of ours is the 3 way Expandable Briefcase. This refined bag offers a convenient variety of vary methods to suit your needs. Whether you need a briefcase, backpack, or shoulder bag, the 3 way expandable briefcase can be expanded or compressed to meet each requirement . The Rip Zip opening gives you  easy access to the detail pockets that add additional storage. For those that take their work on the go, the 3 way Briefcase has a dedicated, padded sleeve that fits laptops up to 15”.


The Hip monkey

Mystery Ranch Hip Monkey at Urban Industry

The Hip Monkey, although small, makes optimal use of the space it offers. This low profile hip-pack can accommodate your travel essentials and can fit up to six gold discs or even a six pack of bottles. The waist belt can be worn either on the hips or diagonally over the shoulder.

Urban Assault 21

This military-style assault rucksack is a versatile daypack, perfect for outdoor adventurers. The sleek design features a 3-ZIP closure which makes accessing the contents easy. Designed for modern adventures, the Urban Assault daypack features built-in laptop and tablet sleeves to ensure that your electronics stay safe during your travels. This pack also features a zippered, mesh-lined pocket that is built into the lid of the bagand two internal zippered pockets for organising your smaller items.

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Back Pack at Urban Industry


Rich Military heritage

Although they were initially entrenched in the outdoor backpacker market, Dana and Renee were approached by the US Navy SEALS for custom back packs in 2004, thus beginning their history with the US Military.

Since 2004, they have created a variety of multi-functional backpacks and luggage solutions for the US military that reflect the soldiers that they support. Their packs offer the best quality, resilience and capacity to ensure that troops can complete their mission effectively.

The Green Beret Foundation

Since the beginning of their involvement with the US Navy SEALS back in 2004, Mystery Ranch has collaborated with the Green Beret Foundation (GBF), an organisation that helps members of special forces and their families overcome psychological and financial obstacles and accomplish their dreams.

Through working closely with the GBF, Mystery Ranch has played a large role in the successful transition of US soldiers into the civilian workforce after they leave military service.

 If you would like to learn more about the Green Beret Foundation, visit https://greenberetfoundation.org/get-involved/ 





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