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Monster Energy Drink pays Urban Industry Store a visit!

May 12, 2017

Urban Industry Store had a little visit this afternoon by the way of an 8 foot Monster Energy Drink truck turning up on our doorstep. It was down this neck of the woods promoting Monsters latest energy drinks and we managed to get it to stop by our way on it's rounds.

After some head scratching as to just how we were going to get this giant of a vehicle around to the front of our store, we armed ourselves with ladders and four strong lads and set about taking down the 7"6' height restriction bar at the enterance to our road… lifting it off just enough for the huge 6.5 litre Monster Energy Chevrolet Silverado to pass underneath.

After having a look around the truck, the guys peeking the latest products in our store and hooking us up with a few cans of the good stuff… they were on their way. Just another average day at the office! Thanks to our good friend Tom over at Monster for arranging this stop off.

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