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Mishka Spring 2014

May 12, 2017

Mishka’s a bit of a strange one for me. Initially, the Brooklyn-based label were the first brand that fully got me in to streetwear. All the b-movie and comic-book references were so on-point to me. The fact that ex-Jerome’s Dream drummer Erik Ratensperger worked with the brand had me totally psyched too. Hell, to this day I still think this G.I. Joe rip they did is the best t-shirt I own. Over the years I’ve become increasingly distant from the brand though. I used to regularly check their Bloglin religiously but recently I’ve felt more at odds with the stuff they were covering and the overall direction of the brand. I think this is what’s known as ‘getting old’. In all seriousness though, I feel this latest Spring 2014 collection speaks more to me than any of Mishka’s previous offerings over the past few years. The graphics are a throwback to Mishka at their finest and I for one can get behind that. Check out the full range below to get an idea of what I’m on about.


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