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MHI by Maharishi Fall 2013

May 12, 2017

Hardy Blechman founded Maharishi in 1994 and went on to write the book on camouflage and its various application and interpretations. Literally, he wrote the book on the subject. Blechman, whose former experience lay in the international military and industrial clothing surplus trade, started Maharishi by producing hemp and other natural fibre clothing as well as recycling workwear and military surplus. In fact, his work in the field of natural fibres helped them to gain wider acceptance among larger commercial fashion retailers.

With Maharishi’s heavy use of camo in their collections throughout the last 19-odd years, the brand has stayed consistently relevant and now more-so than ever seems like the right time to get sister brand MHI back in stock here at Urban Industry. You see MHI by Maharishi was one of the very first brands we stocked here at Urban Industry when we first opened in 2003. After a few rocky years, it’s good to see the brand back stronger than ever with this Fall 2013 collection.

Again that strong military theme runs through the collection with custom camo prints on a range of crewneck sweatshirts and t-shirts. We only have a small touch of cut & sew in the form of the Melton Deck Jacket but having seen the order form for what's yet to come, there are definitely some treats in store. Trust me. In the meantime you can shop our full range of MHI by Maharishi below by clicking the link blow. Don’t forget we also offer free UK shipping on all orders


By SeanM

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