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Majestic Athletic

May 12, 2017

Classic American sportswear is always a strong influence on streetwear and sneaker culture. Whether it’s your classic Champion t-shirt or the enduring influence of Michael Jordan’s signature shoe line, designers always look to these sports for influence. Over the past few years we’ve seen this influence exerted through the likes of classic Mitchell & Ness sports team snapback caps, various riffs on basketball vests and the growing visibility of modern basketball shoes such as the Nike Lebron IX on UK streets. One of the more recent trends we’ve seen come through is the resurgence of the classic baseball shirt. We thought we’d go straight to the source for this one, and have hooked up with American sportswear apparel brand Majestic Athletic to provide a full range of officially licensed Major League Baseball shirts from some of your favourite teams.

Majestic Athletic was founded in 1976 in Easton, Pennsylvania. To this day all their jerseys are still proudly manufactured in the United States of America. Since 2005, Majestic is the sole provider of authentic jerseys for all 30 MLB teams. For our first drop of Majestic jerseys we’ve gone with some of the all-time greats including the Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. There’s some great price-points on these jerseys considering the heavyweight construction and the fact they’re all made in the USA. Check out the full range below


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