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Listen: La Dispute ‘Rooms of the House’

May 12, 2017

La Dispute are a band whose name I’ve seen thrown about in context of this supposed ‘new emo movement’ along with bands such as Touche Amore. To be honest I’ve never paid ‘em much attention, and stubbornly stayed listening to the Indian Summers and pg.99s of old refusing to believe that this was a sound that needed reviving at all. If it aint’ broke etc.

Having given the band the time of day on their new LP ‘Rooms of the House’, I can safely say that my suspicions were misplaced and that La Dispute are definitely worth checking out. There’s a definite poetic and story-like quality to the lyrics and the band certainly aren’t tied down by the genre’s preconceived limitations. I would definitely recommend checking out ‘Rooms of the House’ which is streaming in its entirety over on Soundcloud HERE

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