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Liam Etebar interview

May 12, 2017

I first met Liam Etebar when I started training at First Generation Combat & Fitness here in Eastbourne. When I asked about checking out Muay Thai, my classmates told me I had to check out his 6 second head kick KO on Youtube. Suitably impressed, I signed up for his classes and have been training under his guidance for the last year or so. I recently caught up with Liam to talk fighting and fashion ahead of his upcoming South Coast Fighting Championship fight.

1. Hi Liam, can you tell us how you first got in to martial arts? What age were you when you started Muay Thai?

I started martial arts at the age of 4 with karate. I did it for a couple of years, then stopped and restarted karate at 9 till 13. I got to Brown belt then I stopped because I lost interest in it. I then began training Muay Thai and mixed martial arts at age 15.

2. For those that may not know, what are differences between Muay Thai and standard kickboxing?

Muay Thai is the science of 8 limbs using kicks knees punches and elbows. The difference between the two is kickboxing is all above-waist shots with no leg kicks, elbows, knees or clinch allowed.

3. You recently trained at the world famous Mike’s Gym in the Netherlands in preparation for your upcoming fight. How was the experience there?

The training at Mike’s Gym was top level. It was great to train with some of the top K1 guys around at the moment. It has definitely upped my game. And I’m looking to head out there again.

4. As well as competing and coaching, you also run your own clothing brand (Bad Boy Muay Thai). Do you have any plans to expand your range? Also, do you think MMA clothing brands in general are getting better nowadays?

At the moment, no. I’m just making stuff for the guys who train and to promote my class and brand, but who knows maybe in time I could look into taking it further. Yes definitely, certain brands are producing some nice stuff. Some are still on that Tapout level plastering t-shirts with skulls etc.

5. Do you have any particular goals that you’ve set yourself? Any aspirations to fight for some of the bigger organisations out there (Glory, UFC etc.)?

Yeah since I started training my goal has been to make it to the UFC, I think that’s most fighters goal. But I would be happy just to make a living from fighting on big promotions, that’s my dream.

6. Finally, do you have any advice for someone that’s thinking of trying a Muay Thai class for the first time?

I would say come down and try it out, it’s great for fitness and flexibility and at the same time you’re learning how to fight. Whether you want to compete or just learn self-defence. It’s suitable for everyone.

To find out more about the upcoming South Coast Fighting Championship fight night click HERE

To learn more about Liam’s Muay Thai classes click HERE

Interview by SeanM

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