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JiuJitsu – A Way Of Life

May 12, 2017

Film maker Stuart Cooper has put together the above short video to highlight Jiu Jitsu not just as a martial art or a sport, but as a way of life. The beautifully shot 8 minute film spends time with some of the sport’s luminaries and is really a great watch for fans and novices alike. Having just started taking Brazilin Jiu Jitsu classes myself (that camo Gi tho), I think the film is a great medium for spreading the word of ‘the gentle art’. Stuart himself gives us a rundown on ‘JiuJitsu – A Way Of Life’:

“Please take the time to watch my new motivational BJJ video featuring very wise and inspiring words from the world’s best BJJ Athletes in the world, such as ADCC Champions Andre Galvao, Dean Lister, Rafael Lovato JR, and Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. Also featuring words from Joe Rogan, Fernando Maccachero and Nic Gregoriades. In this new video i have tried to create something that inspires and motivates the BJJ community and also to encourage more people to take up the sport. The aim of this video is to also show that BJJ is more than just a sport and how it brings people together from all walks of life. It creates, friendships, relationships, discipline, respect, self-confidence and gives people a purpose and something to strive and aim for in life. To me BJJ is the most amazing sport that always continues to grow and evolve around the world”.

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