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Jason Markk Shoe Care Kit

May 12, 2017

Whether you want to keep your best Jordan's clean or resurrect a tired old pair of your classic sneakers, you really need to into owning a premium shoe care kit by Jason Markk. These products are second to none when it comes to maintaining and cleaning your shoes, utilizing specially formulated cleaning solutions and brushes.

We're currently stocking the Jason Markk 4oz. Premium Shoe Care Kit, which will give you all the basic products to get cracking. Included within the pack is a 4oz bottle of Premium Sneaker Solution which we're told should clean around 100 pairs of shoes. This liquid is formed of a top secret blend of special ingredients, all of which do not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives, 98.3% natural and completely biodegradable… no need to worry about causing any damage to your favorite sneakers. Also included within the pack a Standard Sneaker Cleaning Brush, a laser etched hand crafted wooden block brush with synthetic bristles. The whole kit comes nicely packaged inside a Jason Markk branded and heat sealed pouch.

All Jason Markk products are safe to use on any colour or material, although pay extra care when cleaning premium leather, suede, cotton mesh or any other delicate materials. This kit pretty much has it covered when it comes to cleaning shoes, just think… you wouldn't stop cleaning your clothes so give your sneakers the same respect!

Buy Jason Markk 4oz. Premium Shoe Care kit now…

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