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James Hate interview

May 12, 2017

Continuing our series of local interviews, we caught up tattoo artist James Hate. James is a loyal customer here at Urban Industry and still finds time to call in to us in between working in Brighton, Eastbourne and London. His work is getting a lot of attention in tattoo circles (I'm the proud owner of some of his work myself), so we asked him how he got in to tattooing and his take on its influence on streetwear:

1. Hello James, can you tell us how you got in to tattooing? At what age did you get your first tattoo?

Hi, well years ago I met someone through an ex who put me in touch with someone who knew a guy who was opening a studio here in Eastbourne, slightly tenuous but, it eventually ended up with me having a short apprenticeship and then life just happened from there!




2. You’ve built up quite a name for yourself tattooing in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings. Is there anywhere either at home or abroad that you’d like to tattoo at?

My goal is to eventually end up in America somewhere, but that's a way off yet. For now I'm just looking forward to London, I'll be working at One by One store in Berwick street with Arabella Drummond, that should be fun. Other than that I'd just like to get around England a bit more working some smaller conventions.




3. In the past you’ve drawn some custom graphics for AONO. How did this come about and are the challenges faced with designing graphics on a par with tattooing?

It just randomly happened through Instagram really, the power of social media bullshit magic. If anything I'd say it’s easier than tattooing, it can just take a while longer.


4. There are a lot of tattoo-influenced brands out there at the moment. What’s your take on this and there any in particular you’re rating?

There are quite a few now aren't there, I do think it’s pretty cool here and there but some are just over doing it. As for rating any brands for that, I've got to mention Rebel8 I've always loved the work of Mike Giant, so stick that shit on a tshirt and I'll buy it. Also gotta say Swallows and Daggers put out some nice shirts too, good classic stuff.




5. Any advice to budding tattooists or indeed anyone thinking of getting a tattoo themselves?

Anyone thinking of getting into it… don't – everyone should go back to wanting to be a DJ. Advice to people wanting a tattoo is simple, think about what you want, maybe do some research instead of running into the cheapest and most available shop, there's usually a good reason for the waiting lists.

Check out more of James' work HERE

and his Instagram and Twitter

by SeanM

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