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Introducing: Wigwam Socks

Jul 12, 2016


With over 100 years experience in manufacturing quality socks, hats and gloves, made entirely in the USA, we are pleased to introduce heritage hoisery experts Wigwam Socks to our line up here at Urban Industry.

We all know how important a good pair of socks is to complete any outfit, and in Wigwam you’re guaranteed an unrivaled quality, long lasting durability and a premium style. The story of Wigwam began at the turn of the 20th century, following a devastating fire at the Sheboygan Knitting Company, which saw the company’s factory burn to the ground. Three former employees from the company – Herbert Chesebro, Robert Ehany, and Lawerance Bentz,  looked to set something up for themselves and after purchasing equipment and hiring employees from their previous company, set up the Hand Knit Hosiery Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in 1905.

The following years of the company would see control of the company change between the founders, and would also see the business make its way through adverse economic conditions, which at one point would threaten its existence. The Hand Knit Hosiery Company made its way out the other-side however, and the tide began to turn in 1945 as they shifted production towards catering for troops overseas, and also began to diversify their product portfolio, moving in to producing hosiery and accessories for various sports including baseball and hockey.

On January 1st 1957, The Hand Knit Hosiery Company changed its name to Wigwam Mills. Specialising in knitted goods, in particular socks and hats, the company would continue to grow and prosper throughout the years as subject of various trends and also thanks to the introduction of new technical materials and patented sock technologies.

Wigwam pride themselves on their ethical approach to production and it’s customer service which is focused around honesty and integrity, with all their products developed out of their base in the USA.  They work closely local utilities to improve efficiency and limit their carbon footprint, as well as supporting local wool producers, sourcing almost all of their wool exclusively from American yarn spinners. Not only do you know you’re guaranteed quality in every Wigwam product, you never have to feel bad about purchasing a pair either.

Wigwam Socks lands in store this season with their signature ‘Cypress’ model, available in various colour options. The Cypress is both lightweight and robust in it’s design, constructed from a 70% cotton, 30% stretch nylon mix for style, comfort and a snug fit.

You can shop our full Wigwam Socks range HERE


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