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Introducing: Mr.Black Garment Essentials

May 12, 2017

SMIBANNER_mrblack_products_multi_3All images by Urban Industry   

Mr.Black launched back in July of 2012, setting out to create a product that would give those who wanted to keep their clothing fresh a pioneering alternative to washing machines, that will not only keep your clothing clean, but also increase the life span of the garment.

Hailing from Australia, the brand gained recognition for their revolutionary denim wash and refresh spray that would allow those who are keen to break their indigo in naturally to refresh their jeans and remove any unwanted stains and smells. Since then, Mr.Black have developed their product range to  consider for most fabric and weave types, with all of their products designed to minimalise the damage caused by regularly washing the garment.

It all stems from the reality that washing clothes, despite being necessary, is actually bad for them. Each wash, from the power of the water to the harsh products used, causes intense wear on the garments, compromising fits, quality and feel. Using Mr.Black products will prolong time between washing, saving not only the garment itself, but money, time and water.

The Mr.Black refresh sprays kills bacteria and eliminates odours simply by being sprayed onto the garment which you can then hang straight back in to your wardrobe. Each wash is enzyme free, designed specifically for a certain material. Produced in Australia, Mr.Black products are non-toxic, biodegradable and made from 100% natural ingredients.

You can shop our full Mr.Black range HERE.

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