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Introducing: Liquiproof

Jul 12, 2016

Another exciting edition to our brand portfolio here at Urban Industry, we are happy to welcome footwear protection label Liquiproof to our range, widely regarded as one of the best and most effective footwear protection products on the market.

Offering unrivalled protection against the everyday hazards sneaker lovers face, whether its food spills or the rain, Liquiproof utilises features from nanotechnology to offer an invisible water-resistant and oil-repellent barrier, without compromising the breathability and comfort of the shoe. Liquiproof’s patented formula delivers a pure, particle free Silicon Dioxide – SiO2 – which is harmless and indigestible, with zero toxicity. The video above shoes Liquiproof in action, testing the formula against a range of different liquids that have been applied to various materials. The clip also offers more of an insight on how to correctly apply the formula to get the most out of the product.

Alongside it’s coveted spray formula, Liquiproof also offer footwear accessories including shoe trees to help maintain the shape of your favourite shoes and also a gift set containing two bottles of the formula and a triple ended brush.

For those that love their sneakers and more importantly love to keep their sneakers in the best condition possible, Liquiproof is an absolute essential. You can shop our full range from Liquiproof HERE. 

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